Loyal Recue is committed to connecting foster dogs to their forever homes in Ontario, Canada.


The Loyal Rescue website is responsive and accessible; connecting all viewers. Built from a pattern library the website maintains cohesiveness throughout. The dog adoption form is a complex form that narrows down potential adopters to find the best suited home. The dog adopt page lists all potential dogs up for adoption.

Loyal Rescue prototype
Loyal Rescue screens mockup

Visual Design


Rounded icons are pleasing to look at. A light-hearted infographic outlines the steps for adopting a dog.

Future Skin symbols


Fira Sans is a humanist typeface that is easily readable on all screen sizes.


Catalina Blue is friendly—inviting viewers to continue browsing the website. Pastel Green is a bold choice harmonious to the primary colour. The accent colour, Tacao, brings focus to important elements.

Web Colours

Catalina Blue

Pastel Green