Future Skin, one of the oldest body modification shops in Ottawa, has a regular customer base and an established reputation. Their logo was redesigned to create the perception of an informative and creative experience that the customers seek in a growing industry.


The redesign of the logo was successful in welcoming customers into the shop and inviting them to talk to the knowledgeable staff. The simple and rounded forms of the logo evokes feelings of cleanliness and professionalism. The stationery package and brand standards guide keep the brand from being diluted.


Future Skin sketches
Future Skin business stationery mockup

Visual Design


The Future Skin logo consists of two symbols: the ink drop and the eye. These two symbols have been designed to create a memorable logo. The eye in the center of the ink drop gazes into the future anticipating any challenge that may face the company.

Future Skin symbols


Bariol Bold is the logo type used in the Future Skin logo. The rounded edges invite customers to trust the body modification artists.

Bariol Bold


Purple has calming effects over the minds and nerves of customers receiving tattoos and piercings. Orange evokes feelings of creativity for both the artists and the customers—an important feeling.


Orange 021 C

267 C

Future Skin website mockup Future Skin website mockup Future Skin tattoo mockup