Monitor your dogs daily activity with FindFido to keep them healthy and safe. The GPS enabled smart dog collar connects to the app to record their location.


Dog owners feel that their dog is family so they want to keep them safe. With FindFido dog owners can view a map so that they can quickly track the location of their dogs, keep track of walking routes and earn badges to motivate themselves. Safe zones can be set to notify them when their dogs leave a safe area.

FindFido sketches
FindFido screens mockup

Visual Design


Modified material system icons create an unified experience throughout the app.

FindFido icon designs


Roboto is used with different sizes and weights to create hierarchy and focus.



Deep Orange is an energizing colour that promotes activity and health. Adventure seeking people relate well to the colour orange. Cyan, a complimentary colour, is friendly with an uplifting energy because of the hint of yellow. Used together the colours motivate dog owners to live a healthy lifestyle

Material Google Colours

Deep Orange


FindFido screens mockup FindFido Nexus 6 mockup