CHEO researchers have made important discoveries to children’s health in the past year. The annual report is both infomative and inspires people to donate to the CHEO Research Institution.


The CHEO annual report design combines youthful graphics with serious photography to remain lighthearted. A molecule pattern is used to reflect the medical research. The photos contain medical researchers and children patients to create empathy. Both of the languages used in the report (French and English) have been designed with equal importance.

FindFido screens mockup

Visual Design


The use of icons makes the pages interesting to look at much like a children’s story book.

CHEO report icons


The clean appearance of Centennial makes the typeface easy to read. The body copy, Univers, is suitable for long passages of text.

Univers and Centennial


Bright primary colours reflect children’s sense of wonder and playfulness. Dark Grey balances out the bright colours with maturity.





Dark Grey

CHEO Annual Report Table of Contents page mockup CHEO Annual Report CEO page mockup CHEO Annual Report Rare Disease page mockup